in audio.


We audio-booked it to San Francisco and back. Audio-books on the road are fairly new to me, but it worked out the last time so we tried it again. Much of their success may be in that Sean is driving when they are on, so my mind can wander if it wants.

We listened to:

Hoot by Carl Hiaasen, read by Chad Lowe.

Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett, read by Ellen Reilly.


Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry, read by Katherine Borowitz.

They were easy to follow. We had started at the end, nearing home, Many Waters by Madeleine L’Engle, read by Ann Marie Lee. This is the book with the twins Dennys and Sandy at its center and it was hard to tell which twin was speaking, or remember which said what or…it was difficult. I was glad we didn’t start with that one.

Many Waters was 7 discs, so we had thought to not even start it only an hour and half from home, but Natalya had run out of books to read. We were trying to pack as lightly as possible, and though the James Patterson Daniel X books are thick, they are as quick to read as the Maximum Ride series. Going to have to go heavier and/or possibly in another language the next time. As for me? I wish I could still read in the car without getting sick. I didn’t even open the book I had brought for those recuperative evenings at the hotel; nor did I open that audio-book app on my phone.

Considering using audio-books at home, not just for road trips. The hesitation is found in two explanations. One, I read faster in my head; though I concede not necessarily aloud (unless the daughter was to be in bed ten minutes ago and maybe we can squeeze in one more chapter). Two, I enjoy the ignorance of my inner voice mispronouncing words. With the books on disc, I find myself turning to the husband and saying, “Is that how ___ is said?”

I think, if I actually take to doing something that I could use the audio in the background I will be listening to Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. Then I might possibly get past the 9th page. Yes, I am sorry to disappoint those fans and admirers, and I am a bit embarrassed to admit the flaw that is my inability to get into that massive tome of brilliance… Well, as I live in one of those horrid must-drive-everywhere places (for now) I will have to take the book in doses. What do you think, maybe by the end of the year I’ll have heard my way through it?

thoughts? would love to hear them...

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