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mental health evaluation

I finished Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief last night. It has a prologue, 10 parts, and an epilogue. I cried pretty much straight through the 10th part and the epilogue. I would recommend that no one read this book in the late Autumn, Winter, Early Spring, and if one is ailing, or if they presently live in a basement apartment. That is not to say that the book would not make a body sad; it is set during the holocaust; one may just to avoid feeling absolute misery and deepening depression. Fortunately, tissues were on hand, as I have a head-cold (or some such nuisance)–and my husband is around so I am not left depressed and alone–and my sweet daughter is not her more usual melancholy state the past couple days.

Because I had no Chai to put my Bailey’s in, I opened up Looking Awry by Slavoj Zizek, and read the Preface. You know how I listed words from Frances Hardinge’s Fly By Night the other day. Here are some words from the first page of the Preface:

subversive procedure, prosaic, sublime ideal, sublime theoretical motifs, exemplary, Kantian ethics, Sadian perversion, Lacanian “dogmatics,” Lacanian theoretical edifice, post-structuralist “deconstructionism.”

I’ll continue to the next page with the words where Zizek quotes “De Quincey’s famous propositions concerning the art of murder”: “psychoanalysis, dubious, perdition, phallocentric obscurantist.” And Zizek goes onto use “modalities.”

It is the combination of long complicated sentences with its academic word-combinations/jargon and the words themselves. I miss them as if I had never realized before how much I loved them. Usually I would be handed a lengthy assignment to read and decipher by ‘tomorrow’ and the migraine would begin to pulse. As it was, last night, I was seated on the couch reading, my husband chuckling over my pleasurable sighing, and I was practically shivering (yes, I chose the word ‘shivering’ deliberately Lit/word scholars).

I will endeavor to write more about The Book Thief soon, if not tomorrow. And I will have to dole Looking Awry out to myself and comment when conversation strikes…which should be often.

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