Borrowing Pixie Dust


a guest blogger:  Sean

from his 11/20/09 post

“Pixie Dust”

“i still love listening to the layering of Frank Black (Black Francis) and Kim Deal’s voices. i don’t think it completely ports me to being a 14 year old, but it gets close.”

a few years back, the Pixies took themselves out of the cedar chest, blew the dust off, shook their act out and took to the road. we were living in Bozeman at the time. not exactly the music capital of the world.”

i was however able to catch them on Austin City Limits. it was good to see them as older. reminded me that i am not the only one aging. they were wonderful, potentially a side-effect of aging in fact, having years more experience at their craft. from a critics view-point, there was something lost from Black Francis’ antics; the energy of a younger man.”

the point, i think, is that i will never see Kurt Cobain as an aged rocker. i will never have to see him overweight in polyester and rhinestones. he is immortal and he is limited. the Pixies though, have grown, have matured?, have moved on. when i listen to them i can remember adolescent angst, but i can also sit with my grade-schooler and happily introduce her to them even now, encouraging her to listen to the sound of a band in its middle-age.”


———————————————————————and here is a short play list he made for L a short time back

“Jenny Was a Friend of Mine” : Killers : Hot Fuss

“Under the Milky Way” : The Church: Donnie Darko

“Obstacle 1” : Interpol: Turn Off the Bright Lights

“Love Will Tear Us Apart” : Joy Division: Permanent

“How Soon is Now” : The Smiths: Meat is Murder

“Monkey Gone to Heaven” : The Pixies:  Death to the Pixies

“Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” : The White Stripes: White Blood Cells

“Lips like Sugar” : Echo & the Bunnymen : Crystal Days

thoughts? would love to hear them...

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