The Daughter and I


If you been checking in for a new post: thank you for your time.  I have been vacating: from what entirely? I am not sure.  I have been reading, or attempting to read…And aside from a weekend trip, all else has been ‘as usual’.

The daughter and I have returned to our evening reading sessions. Though she is nine, and a fantastic reader (yes, she practices her reading aloud, still–“for fluency, mom”)–audio books, here she comes. Now to get her reading her Spanish books aloud as frequently.  I love to hear her read in Spanish.  Then there is her reading poetry; a conversation we had last week: ‘how to read poetry–aloud?’ We all know poetry is meant to be audible. How to read poetry is interesting, and often debated. Since Natalya is familiar with punctuation, at least in other venues, she understands they must be there for a reason. What is fun is exploring format, spacing and lack of punctuation.

Again, in discussions of poetry, as with reading and writing, I fear I may make it more difficult for her at school (or at least, I hope a bit dull). If only I were a bit more subversive with Mathematics.

The daughter and I just finished reading Theodosia and The Serpents of Chaos by R.L. La Fevers in the evenings.  I like the late-1800s, early-1900s London in books, it is especially pleasureable in La Fevers’ Theodosia series (2 bks thus far), and Nancy Springer’s Enola Holmes Mysteries. I feel sure I have posted (on another blog) about Theodosia, so I will hunt it down and paste it here.

At present we are reading Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan, which is wondermous. It is good for Spanish vocabulary, which I stumble over reading, as Natalya sighs and forgives–which she must, because I can’t get her to read those parts for me. No, she no longer snuggles easily onto the lap for bedtime stories. I would not be able to see th e book if we tried. I’m sure I typed something about this book as well, probably the same post as the above book.  Either way, I will recommend these books (and with reasons).

Meanwhile, I have been trying to get into Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. I am blaming it on the fact I have been reading so many short stories of late. It has always been a bit of a switch to move to novel length stories.  I am not letting this get me down. I’ve enjoyed all the other Gaiman I’ve read. And my husband, Sean, has read all his novels and raves, and reads portions, and I enjoy that.

I am going to try to juggle Gaiman, (of course) Esperanza, and a book I glanced at and Natalya read and enjoyed this weekend, The Secret of Zoom by Lynne Jonell.  Or maybe that other book she read this weekend and went on about, Molly Moon Stops the World by Georgia Byng.

A note on the Georgia Byng Molly Moon books (there are at least more than one): There is always a dog on the cover (an ugly one–in my opinion) and I have overlooked the books for that very reason. How terribly shallow, I must now admit, as the book is not about (or of) the dog’s perspective.  The dog is just the protagonist’s pet. One can never be too careful these days, as animals on both children’s books and adult’s alike apparently promise a sale, as do their narrative skills.

Hopefully, I am back for a few days, and maybe I will carve time out of another long weekend that the daughter has away from school.

thoughts? would love to hear them...

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