I am taking a break from grown-up-Lit for the moment in order to read some kid-Lit: The Sisters Grimm: The Everafter War by Michael Buckley. Primarily, to take a break, and also, because my daughter Natalya read it within two visits to the book shop and I just got it from the library holding realm. I am trying to catch up.

Only a couple chapters in: not bad, keeps with the other 6 previous books in the series (which, we actually own–thank you Powell’s books and your supply of well-cared-for used books). I was thinking, however, that it must be exhausting to come up with clever ways to recap all your previous books and adventures along with reminding any new reader of a premise so carefully and fully laid out in the first two books of the series by the seventh book. One of the reasons it pays to have to wait between books? so the recap isn’t a skim read? And how to keep the adventures coming without feeling like the over-arching dilemma is being too-long stretched? I am curious to see how Buckley is going to pull this off, because this 7th book is a ‘to be continued…’, again (which, incidently, made natalya groan).

(the books go for $15.95 US/hardback, $6.95 US/softback)–not that I am implying anything other than my envy.

thoughts? would love to hear them...

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