hello…and welcome.


I have intentions for this site: it is, however, a coherent vision that I am lacking in order to convey the fullness of my intentions to you.  Inarticulate amidst a presently hectic life I will declare myself later.

Know:  I am working to finish an undergraduate degree in English with plans to pursue a graduate degree in Library/Information Sciences.  I am accumulating a Film Minor as opposed to Writing.  Writing is a vulnerability and something that I have not pursued with much ambition or confidence, despite encouragement to the contrary.  I like the release of critical analysis, and the challenges of a convention’s constraints. My posts will follow the exercise of writing about what I am reading. Perhaps, at some point, I will be able to talk a few friends into writing about what they are reading and post those as well.  I will post here to encourage my own self-discipline (frequently undermined) and not necessarily because you will find me interesting, intelligent, and original in my reading (or selected reading)—not that I wouldn’t mind if you occasionally would.

I like to read. I love talking books with those who love to read, too.  My husband Sean reads many of the things I wouldn’t think to and he shares–there are times when we happen to coincide in our thinking and specific interests.  And my daughter “could-you-please-put-the-book-down-for-one-second” Natalya is an avid (or rabid) reader.  Keeping up with her reading, I find myself reading and enjoying a lot of children’s/juvenile literature.

This glimpse is not the center of me, but certainly somewhere about the middle.

It will have to do for now.

thoughts? would love to hear them...

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